Monday, June 30, 2008

Dumb Head

I am waaaaaay too easily entertained! Between the "dododo's" and the weird organ thang that's going on, I could listen to this song over and over with a giant smile on my face, tee hee.
"Dumb Head", bwahaaahahahaaa!
I have sooooo been enjoying the brief stint I've had pretending my children are at some Swiss boarding school for the summer (instead of Grandma's for the past 2 days...), and am trying to squeeze as much enjoyment of my alone time as I can until they return in an hour or so (and so what am I doing with my precious and rare chunk of ME time? Blogging... der).

In the meantime, here are some very cute pics of Ms Maggie pants, who isn't nearly as cute in person once you factor in the puppy spazticity (she opened the back room door last night with her schnozzle, a new trick, and let in about 80 gagillion mosquitoes-- I spent the better part of 30 minutes squashing them and pretty much freaking out at the sight of them, knowing they'd be keeping me up all night... that, and she ate a brand spankin new eyeshadow I splurged on- dangit! How does a dog eat eyeshadow? And why?)awwwww..... cute little demon puppy:-)

Still no ideas for the vacation we're taking next week. I figured we could load up the bikes and take a new bike trail each day and check out the cool stuff each town has to offer (Monday, Madison bike trail; Tuesday, Racine; Wed, drop Grace off for 5 days at Lifest and go camping at Point State Beach for more bike riding; Friday, Milwaukee). I've gotten no raves from the children (except Grace, who is only eagerly anticipating the 5 days of non stop concerts and general mayhem until 2 am-- better her than me, is all I gots to say about it...)
I figure that since we're not spending any big $$ on hotel rooms or kennel costs, we can really splurge on museum entry, trying different restaurants, renting kayaks, taking a boat tour, etc and etc, but *meh*-- nobody is all that interested but me.
On a side note, I discovered there's a great vegetarian restaurant in Brookfield I'd like to check out: Cafe Manna and Dandelion in Madison-- personally, I could spend the whole week biking to great restaurants and pigging out, but that's just me:-)

And HEY! I paid off my car loan to-day, tra la la!
Nothing is more lame than owing someone $$, so my life is a little less lame than it was yesterday, a vast improvement in my eyes.
And not only that, but it's a shortie week and we're closer to the weekend than usual:

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