Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Blue Girl Group?

I'm watching a documentary on PBS, and I've discovered a new occupational goal:
I want to work with Blue Man Group.
Because while I find working in the grown up world slightly fascinating (only because it doesn't make a whole lot o sense to me), my personality is still too much on the "mucho grande" side for many in the workplace (altho GI has been awesome! Some very cool ladies and docs there...).
I seem to have a limited shelf life for a lot of places; I've seen too much of the world, my perspectives are different, and my filters don't always work the way they should (probably moreso the last one than the rest, tee hee).

But anyhoo, I miss art. I miss interacting with the world in an interesting way... cause there's only so much fun I can whip up in these parts without being irreparably branded in the Burlington Circles (not that I wouldn't eventually find that entertaining, in retrospect).

If I wasn't so afraid of injury and my parts weren't already cranky, it would be way fun to start a Roller Derby team: I prefer to skate on ice, but the local roller rink is a nice substitute-- and how much fun would it be to kick some girlie ass after an exasperating day fighting the man AND evil girl children (not that the boy child isn't becoming a stinky teenie weiner his own self)?

And if I wasn't such a lazy, fearful slug I'd be well on my way to SOMETHING more than working and fruitless cleaning o the Casa K (a nod to: I have a "Casa K" of my very own, so I'm not a big fat copycatter, I swear).

...Working, cleaning, and feeding the next generation of slugs-- that's quite a legacy there.
But I know if I wasn't always stuck in the "Go--See--Do" pattern that keeps me spinning in circles yet never really getting anywhere, I might actually be able to pinpoint a goal, a destination, something I'd like to accomplish before my attention wavers and I'm off to the next flight of ideas--- wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

What's another thing I'd like to do??

Oh yeah! I'd like to start having house concerts in the back part of the property; rent a port-a-wizmo ('cause I don't want strangers fingering my oddities in the domicile), build a little stage, and have folks over for a concert. There was a cool guy who was having some house concerts for a while, but I think his white carpets and overloaded potty eventuallybecame a deterrent for having strangers over. Nice guy... living his dream of doing something cool-- and a local guy, too.

When we were in Austin (story coming soon, I promise), we stumbled upon a fantastic little store in the barrio where I used to live in an Airstream trailer (best living space ever!).
When we checked it out, as I am a huge suck for vintage clothing and such, it turned out that the owner was having a little party in the back-- complete with bands and authentic Texas Bar-B-Que.
Within a few minutes, she knew our life history, we knew hers, and she was hooking us up with some Lone Stars, offering us some weed (totally legal in Austin, I swear...), and shoving us in the direction of the food-- all while sporting the most delightful southern drawwwlllllllllll.

Ah! Southern hospitality, only to be found in glorious Texas. But how fun is that, to have your yard full of people, having a good time (and with no Martha Stewart Maneuvers? That's my special little problem... "hardcore hostess syndrome", SO not a good thing). I'd move back to Austin in a heartbeat-- too bad it isn't going to happen anytime soon, boo.
To be continued...

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