Monday, April 21, 2008

Garden Update 2:

I'm sitting outside BLOGGING, heh heh-- WiFi is the single most useful thing in my house since lotion kleenex and satellite radio (...and parchment paper, can't forget that!). The mosquitos must have woken up today, damn nasty things, and I'm having to swat as I sit here watching the dog run like a wild child chasing the birds. She reminds me of a 7 year old who forgot to take her adderall; she has moments of attention span when she listens, but then loses focus the second a bird flies into her view-- even if it's in mid-leap, she's off an away to catch the elusive birds (even the ones who are almost too far up in the sky to see-- it's pretty darn funny). Maggie's apparently learned her boundaries, as she'll run the length of the yard at full speed in hot pursuit of a robin, and still stop a good foot or so before the boundary flags.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the evil PETA-scorned shock fence. A dog quivering in fear of the nasty shocker thingamabobber is still better than a dead dog, as our entire family can attest to. Knowing your boundaries can keep you out of a heap o trouble, in the backyard as in real life (if only the kids were so easily trained...).
Interesting fact:
The chickens were afraid of Mr Six, wouldn't let him get near them. Today, Maggie took a flying leap to come nose to nose with a chicken, and the chicken didn't even flinch.
I guess the chickens are good barometers of danger... (maybe the robins clued them in).

anemones, violas, (yellow/bicolor daffs), muscari

p.s. BEST day at work today, the staff was so nice, helpful, and reaffirming:-) I couldn't be happier!
Too dark to type, I guess it's time to go in. Boo.

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