Monday, July 14, 2008


First of all, I'm so buzzed from my 1/2-caff-grande-sugar free-latte-on ice that I can hardly move, which makes me wonder if the nice barista-girl full-caffed me by mistake...
It was my celebratory gift to my Girl, who passed her driver's test to-day (wheeeeeeeee), which is of course cause for celebration... da-da-da-daaaaaa!~
But since she's taken the keys and ventured off on her first solo trip I've felt the earth shift and am now *doubly* paranoid about firey crashes, et al.
Hubby and I were just a wee, little bit hoping that she'd not pass, so we wouldn't have to worry about unleashing her into the world, but that's selfish, I know... you just wanna keep them little and safe I guess, in a world that's much too big and scary (at least to parents).

Anyhoo. She has made a 360 degree turnaround since coming home from Lifest; she's all excited about the great projects they were promoting, hanging out with bandmembers, etc and etc. It's fantastic to see her enthusiastic about all things positive for a change, and I hope it lasts and lasts. She even wants to go to youth group again, yee-ha!
Scoff all you like at religion, my kid is 850,000 times happier, more hopefilled, and more contented with her SELF when she has an active relationship with God and church. That, and she's not a flaming, raging, angry force to contend with all the time, which vastly improves her relationships with all the other people in the household...
Happy days!
p.s. 24 some odd mile bike trip yesterday with Jacob and Connor (my nephew). Fantastic ride down by the lake in Kenosha--it was drop-dead gorgeous. I'm going to try and squeeze aother ride in this afternoon...

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