Thursday, December 20, 2007


3 Ways My Life Might Just Suck More Than Yours Right Now:

1) We're going to an $$ waterpark for Christmas this weekend, and my period is scheduled to arrive any day now. And I have a cold. Boo.
2) I just found out today that not only am I going to have surgery next week (the day before I head to camp), but a root canal the following week (and have a cavity that needs filling), and am likely due for an MRI and arthroscopic knee procedure. The last 2, of course, could only be scheduled after the first of the year, AFTER I already paid my premiums for 2007. Argh!
3) Both the cat AND the puppy have tapeworms (uh, because the puppy likes to eat "kitty snacks"). I found this out after finding the nasty evidence all over my BED. Ack!
Ok... pity me if you must.

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