Saturday, December 22, 2007

Bleah, #2:

Sleeeeeeeeeeeepy! I'm sleeeeepy, and I really need to be focusing more on what I need to do to get the hell out of Dodge, twice. It's fairly obvious that I function best when I'm under pressure, so I think I'll just put the packing off until the very last minute, which'll probably work for trip #1, but considering I have to celebrate GOL-DARN CHRISTMAS with the family only moments after we get back from said trip #1 (leaving zero time to do laundry), *and* having a wee bit o surgery the next day (with a lovely sea weed wrap don't pity me), and then leaving for 4 days of (work) camp the following day... when O when will I get time to pack for trip #2? If it weren't for this stinkin holiday that I feel obligated to "celebrate" (as if eating fattening foods and seeing family members in an identical fashion to every holiday or birthday that comes around constitutes "celebration"... how about setting something on fire, a 'la "Burning Man", or blowing something up for a change? What about setting off fireworks, or for the love of mike just singing drunken showtunes... *anything* has to be better than standing around paying homage to the Season 'o the Flabby Ass we're *really* celebrating....) I'd have plenty of time for household unpleasantries.
Anyhoo, I'm sickly and crabby and need another nap.
In the meantime, enjoy this public service announcement:

Ain't that the truth...

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