Sunday, February 25, 2007

Weekly Menus

I am turning this blog into not only an online confessional, but a permanent, voyeur's view into my daily, crabbity life. Lucky for you, n'est pas?
Every Sunday, I try like heck to get all the loose ends of daily life tied up so I'll be prepared for the week ahead. You know, laundry put off till the last minute (folded when icy cold-- we like the dishevled look in our family. An employer once asked if I knew how to work an iron. I don't. Some of us are also not big on combing hair, which is always a great combination with wrinkly clothes: I am forever telling the children that if this keeps up, the church will be taking secret collections to buy our poor, unfortunate family clothing and hair brushes. The kids think that would be cool, however, so the threats have fallen on deaf ears. ), backpacks unearthed and their contents examined (only to discover homework at 9pm Sunday night-- whoopsie. We're generally not great scholars, either.), etc and etc. So now is the time I am (avoiding) getting the Everyday Food mags together to select a nutritious and tasty foods for my beloved family (gag! What the hell kind of word is "tasty", anyway? Kindof gives me the creeps)
So here goes:
Monday (night of chaos. I'm never sure what time I'll get home from work, thanks to BS add ons and the disappearing act of the incredible miss K) Grace has musical practice, Jacob has swim class (yes, we are marginal participators in the modern-day cult of "Family Busy-Ness". But only one day of the week. Any more, and my strong slacker-mom instincts would kick in and that wouls be the end of that.): Slacker mom special-- Mufaletta sandwich with sweet potato fries
Tuesday: (working blissful new job; should be home by 4:45 at latest, praise sweet Jesus!): light chicken parmesan, with whole wheat spaghetti/garlic oil/peas
Wednesday: OFF!!! pork cutlets with baby green beans and sauteed red potatoes
Thursday: (work at AHC-K, should be home after 6 Hubby has archery) Jake make something (?)
Friday: (new job, home around 4:45) maybe I'll make Tom Kha Gai (chicken coconut soup) with jasmine rice. Yum!
It's a start... now, to shopping:

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