Sunday, February 25, 2007

On-Line Confessional

I am so completely glad to be off this weekend! And with the addition of the new coffee maker, and the fact that I'm probably getting over whatever virus du jour, I've been pretty awake for most of the time. I think I fell asleep at 7 or 8 on Friday, but mostly it was 'cause there wasn't anything better to be doing.
I've been feeling rather contemplative (hence the tons of posts) in my new alertness, and am trying to make sense of things while I have the chance (before the fog sets in again-- maybe I need to cut back on my drinking?). I am not in any way regretting not working on weekends, and although I loved being home during the day, I really wasn't thrilled to be working in the evenings, especially if I had to work early the next day. I went for weeks being absolutely drained, exhausted, and in full-out survival mode-- which is probably why, now that I'm slowing down, I've completely crashed. It was great to get some bills paid, esp after those evil, dreadfully $$ holidays, but I couldn't keep that pace up forever. My husband works 6 days a week, why should I work a crash and burn schedule as well? Someone's got to keep the home fires burning, and in my absence the whole household falls apart (nobody eats, cleans, nothing gets done, until I get a few hours off to clean the whole damn mess. Women's Liberation be damned! When moms work, they mostly just get screwed.)
I would like to work just enough to have funds to pay the household bills (+/- $1500 month), and have some left over to play with, maybe take a decent vacation (notice I said DECENT. None of this BS camping, boating or other such tortures. I want a nice hotel with a pool, bar, etc, adjacent to entertainment such as the symphony, music halls, parks, art, shopping, tours, etc. I'd really like to go to Austin, TX and Hawaii, and possibly Northern California sometime soon... hubby wants to spend $1200 and 10 hours of ass numbing driving to spend a dull week on a HOUSEBOAT. Blech. So I get to spend a week of no paid vacation cooking and cleaning and swatting bugs while the guys go off fishing, leaving me many more fun hours of ass sitting, doing nothing. Oh joy of joys, could it really be true? Or is it just another dismal nightmare of inactivity I get to endure (I hate HATE sitting doing nothing. Dinking away at this computer is about as inactive as I can stand, which is why I don't do it very often. I can't even watch TV or movies, as I can't stand sitting there, even for an hour show)
Anyhoo, so I'm a bad wife... let this be a lesson to you young, single ladies out there-- opposites might attract, but plan on a life of angst if you are a goer and your mate is a sitter (I remember dragging his putzy rear thru Disney World. He wanted to waltz slooooooowly thru the park, while I wanted to race to the next ride. I ended up missing the opp to ride on Space Mountain 'cause I couldn't get that guy to step it up a little. I have absolutely *no* problem with spouses taking separate vacations-- esp when you have to pay to drag the slow boats around with you everywhere. My next Disney vacation, I'm going alone!) Personally, I think the guys should take their vacation by themselves, and the girls will go to Disney-- I'll have to fly that one by the guys, but I doubt it'll work. I think they want some payback for being dragged thru Disney...

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