Thursday, December 17, 2009

Things I would do differently were I not married (hypothetically speaking:-):

On the cusp of being completely irritated with my family, I would like to compile a list of the things I would do differently in the event I only had my own self to worry about:
1) I wouldn't own a TV, just have a decent computer I can plug into speakers for my Pandora Radio and watch DVD's/Netflix streamed movies on.
2) I would almost never prepare an evening meal (except for lavish dinner parties in which I invite everyone I know and we'll laugh, drink wine, and engage in much debauchery). I'd live completely on large healthy breakfasts, medium sized lunches, and smoothies and juices for dinner. I'd be a vegetarian 85% of the time and only eat meat from local farmers.
3) My house would be small; I'd own very little except that which made me smile because it reminded me of something and plenty of useful things for preparing food-- and maybe some books.
4) My gardens would be lavish but manageable for a change.
5) I would invent my own holidays and ignore all the ones that I find tiresome: none of mine would involve buying anything unless it was something that could be used to make merriment after the consumption of too much alcohol. None of them will involve instant mashed potatoes or turkey, mythical animals, or guilt.
6) I would take at least 4 trips a year; somewhere different each time, with friends.
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Perplexio said...

Where might one be able to sign up for such a lifestyle... It sounds rather similar to how I might live my life were I single.

drewzepmeister said...

Welcome back Cyndi, to the world of blogging!

Although, I understand your irritation with your family, I've been single for five or six years now. I tell ya, it's lonely and it's boring. It's kinda nice to have a companion to share things in life with.

Cyndi said...

Yaaaaay Drew, I missed blogging too! Facebook is a lovely, lovely thing, but it's a blog killer to be sure. I have at least 20 blogs I've started and not finished in my "save" list, maybe I can work on them and publish them all over the winter.
I just finished a nice little book: "Living Alone and Loving It" by Barbara Feldon. It chronicles her journey with being single and the many ways she discovered to embrace it, after she struggled for some time with being alone. I saw it on the library shelf one day when I was browsing (my favorite way to pick books-- you never know what you'll end up with!); and while I have no immediate plans to be single anytime soon, it's really inspiring me to look at the ways I've been dependent in my relationships and how I can take ownership of my interests and pursue them. It shocks me how much of yourself we often willingly give away in relationships: with partners, children... ways that they never asked you to but you may one day regret.
Hope all is well with you, have a wonderful Christmas!

kkdither said...

Hey cyndi! I've missed you too. Your lifestyle is very close to how I would run mine too. Yes, as women we give and give until we sometimes lose ourselves. Anytime you want to vacation solo... sans la fam.. call me.