Saturday, August 18, 2007

Home Again...

The summer of camp has officially ended-- let's hear a yippity yahooey for no more barfing kids, itchy bug bites, and sore throats! I have never been soooooo glad to see a sickly group of kids go home to their parents, more than I could keep track of.
For you epidemiologists out there:
What kind of stomach bug results in one dramatic urp, and affects almost 20 kids? Nothing I've ever heard of, that's for sure... but when scads of kids turn up after unleashing the One Big Barf and want to sleep in the sick room, it'll not only have you scratching your head in wonder, but beseeching the heavens for what you've done so wrong to be denied sleep for 6 days and left to clean drippy piles of vomit hither and yon.

I got to help restrain an angry 8 year old who repeatedly called me and another counselor "bitches" as we dragged him thru camp, which would have been mildly entertaining if everyone wasn't so upset about it. I wasn't sure if it would have been appropriate to say "no, I'M the bitch, but SHE'S the HO"... (ba dum dum!); for a kid with such a broad vocabulary, I thought he'd see the humor in it, but I'm not so sure anyone else would have.
I got mr. monkey boy calmed down after he unleashed his rage by violently smashing his head into the chest of the director (she has a nasty bruise on her, ahem, mammary gland-- shall we say...). Maybe I have a special connection with the emotionally disturbed... not like that's too hard to fathom.
Jacob and I caught the creeping crud that circulated thru camp all week: sore throat, nasal drainage with congestion, etc and etc. Jacob got a nice rub down before bed tonight with Vics, the humidifier with eucalyptus oil, and some cold medicine-- boy! I missed babying my own kids (who are too damn tough to come looking for cough drops while at camp, god bless 'em!) All I can hope is that my immune system kicks in before Monday, when I have to return to the Real World of Work. Sleep would help, but I've grown accustomed to sleeping with one eye opened, listening for late night retching.
It's soooooooo good to be home!

The baby chicken's first eggs

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